Cake Towel as Your Wedding Gift

One of the wedding presents of the most remarkable and most beautiful I've ever seen was created by one of my sisters for another sister's marriage. She built a "wedding cake" instead of plain white towels and decorated with ribbons, with pins, beads, and hid a CD in one of the layers, something was not what needed. The "cake" is like a work of art is stolen the show from the real cake! Everyone wanted to know by whom, how long it took, etc. and will not be with a camera, a chance to preview.

You can create a towel cake as simple or as complicated as you need it. It is easy to make it unique with its own special touch and add a personal touch that will make a memorable part of a wedding or shower.

It is easy to do and the wife will love the personal touch! The colors can be coordinated to the wedding theme and colors to be adjusted.

Step 1 Roll Towels
Fold each towel in half twice the length. Begin together at one end and roll the towels. Set aside. Repeat this process with the washcloth. Fold each bath towel in half lengthwise and repeat the folds, the width of the fabric is up about 6 ". Roll the two towels together in the same manner as the towel. You should now see the three layers of cake.

Step 2 The assembly of the layer
I have to keep large rubber bands around each layer as well as ease of use. Choose a ribbon with the colors, decorate to coordinate with the towels or wedding colors. My niece had requested extra towels purple, so I decorated a wide white ribbon with pearl selected. Cut the ribbon into 60 ", 40" and 30 "length. Tie the large piece of linen around the layer and repeat for the other two layers of cake. When you are finished, place the cake layers starting with the large layer at the bottom. I used small pins to hold the layers in place. If you use pins to them in the tags on the towels not the towels even try.

Step 3
This is the fun part! Use your imagination and decorate with silk flowers, fall leaves or wedding bells. I put the cake on a cake plate feet for the presentation.

These cakes look so delicious. But please do not eat. It is made of soft cotton dresses artfully wrapped washing hands to resemble a tasteful cake. This delicious looking designed favor will make your mouth water, but is calorie-free. They are ideal for wedding favors, bay showers, gift baskets, Christmas stocking items and all other occasions.

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